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Wednesday, 15 February 2012


How to move your wordpress blog to a new host/new server without losing any data ?

Well recently because my previous hosting had some problems and I have to change my hosting but I was really very worried about losing my posts and hardwork I did on my blog and the reason I was nervous was also because I never did any such moving of my blog before I searched many sites, blogs, asked many friends but found only 1 answer they all said ” just took a backup of your data and then restore the data on the new hosts server” but because I really spent much time on my blog and I can’t afford to lose my hardwork so it was not so easy as they said what I needed was a video demo of my blog www.pcsoftsworld.in .I searched on youtube but didn’t find any really helpful video demo but then I thought atleast I should try once to move my blog so finally I successfully moved my blog to another host without losing any data. :)

Why moving a wordpress blog is harder than other sites ?

Answer : Well moving a site without any mysql database is a  lot easier as compared to the sites such as any wordpress blog or a forum like mybb forums which have a mysql database which contains the login data used by you and your members to login to the site to access the admin panel.

How to move your self hosted wordpress site to a new host ?

1. Login to your old cpanel where your blog is currently hosted (In case if you dont have a backup already in your pc)
2. Go to the Backup wizard >> Create Backups of the Home Directory , Mysql Database , Email Forwaders and Domain Forwaders basically all the things. Don’t create a full system backup because they cannot be restored with the cpanel you should create all the partial backups.

3. After Downloading all the partial backups in your Pc HDD put all of them in a folder ,name the folder as your site backup(name doesn’t matter it is just to keep them separately)
4.Now login to your new cpanel with the new cpanel ip 185.56.xx.1:2082 whatever your cpanel ip is just put it as I said then login to your cpanel.
5. In your new cpanel go to Backup Wizard Now restore all the partial backups you downloaded before.
6. Now restore them one by one after restoring all the partial backups you downloaded.
7. Go to the Mysql database in your cpanel and then Create a New user with all the priviliges.
8. Now keep the username and password in a safe place (notepad).Now Press Go back.
9.Now in the Mysql Database Wizard Window you will see a option of adding the database to the user you just created So Add the Database to the user.

10. Now Go to the File Manager in the cpanel then go to the folder which contains your wordpressinstallation.Go to the wordpress installation folder>> search wp-config.php >> open wp- config.php with code edit or simple edit. Edit the database username and password with the new database username/password you just created and also tally the database name is correct or not.Now save all changes.
11.Point your domain to your new host i.e change your nameservers .Nameservers usually take some hours to update. Go to any webproxy server like www.hidemyass.com or flush your dns cache to see the nameserver update changes.

To flush your dns cache Go to cmd>>type>>ipconfig/flushdns>>Enter.

And Now just wait until your domain points to your new server to see your wordpress blog on your new host.

If you have any question or trouble you may post them here and even if you don’t have any question then also you can share your experience with us.

Source:- http://www.pcsoftsworld.in/2012/02/move-wordpress-blog-hostnew-server-losing-data/

Note:- Copying this article is strictly prohibited on any other site.

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