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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Make money with Google Adsense

Just Follow Some Simple Steps and start earning from your blogs or websites.


Step 1. Start your own blog.

Step 2.Post some good & interesting articles to attract users.

Step3.Tell your friends on facebook or twitter about your blog and ask them to visit.

Step4.Create a google adsense account.

Step5.Post ads on your blog.

Step6.Start Earning.

Now If you are new user of Google Adsense learn how to setup your Adsense account.

1. Go to http://www.google.com/ and search "google adsense" then click the first result
2. click "sign up now"
3. put your details as shown in video
4. click submit
5. select the first one and click "sign in to google account"
6. Sign in to your google account
7.. You set up the account but it needs 24 hours.
8. check your email
9. open the email and click the activation link to activate your google adsense account.
10. click "click here to continue"
11. Open google account
12. click "adsense" (click on the account to reach either adesnese or blogger, or gmail or ....)
13. Your google adesne account is still not active. So turn off your computer and check it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
14. After 24 hours. Again sign in your google account.
15. click "my account"
16. click "adsense"
17. click "continue to my adsense account"
18. click "no thanks"
19. click " adsense setup"
20. click "adsense for content"
21. click "continue" click over the image to enlarge
22. Choose ad shape size and color
23. click "continue"
24. click "add new channel" first then a message box comes and put channel name like i put "try" channel name and click ok
25. click "CONTINUE"
26. click "submit and get code"
27. copy the code and paste to your webpages
28. open you blog and click design
29. click "add a gadget" and add html gadget
30. past the code and click save
31. Now you will see the google ads in your website

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