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Thursday, 12 May 2011

L33ts.org Sharecash Downloader by flamingWorm Account Suspended

Many Of You Might Have Also Seen this image earlier around 30 Apr 2011.But After a few days the site was normal again.Everyone was thinking that the site might have been hacked by some blackhat hacker forum member.But when the site was back to normal in a few days Flamingworm the site administrator explained that the site was not hacked but it was just temporarly down because he didn't renew the site subscription.He also told that this time he has buy a new subscription with more cpu load.But again on 12 May 2011 the site is showing the same message Account Suspended.Because many people use his Sharecash downloader which requires you to login to your l33ts.org account so when the site is down no one is able to use the downloader.Lets wait and see What Flamingworm will say this time?
What Do You think about why the site is down?Is it really hacked or due to some other reason.
Plzz post your comments about what do you think?


  1. Its normal again

  2. it was becoz he was moving the site to a new server

  3. Sharecash Downloader V14 is released

    registration is not possible .Site not openning

  4. http://l33ts.org/forum/member.php?action=register

    It is not opening how to register

  5. nt wrking cnt use sharecash downloader

  6. Thanks for creating a great blog. I enjoyed a number of your posts and links. Look forward to seeing what you do next.

  7. Can you please download this file with sharecash downloader and send it to my email: scosa12@gmail.com
    Thanks!!! :)

  8. hey try to log in it tested and works with l33t account
    try it,really works

    1. Sorry, but not working...

    2. Try to download this file for me pls

      Filename: apPasswd.txt

      Sharecash Link: fileml.com/2MN8E

      mail it to me

      Email: Dizonjohnford@yahoo.com

  9. DAMNdoes anyone know how i can register? i rly need to

  10. help plz i cant register

  11. site still not working :(

  12. And so am i, can you download (by a sharecash downloader) this file :http://fileml.com/2MN8E and mail it to me at tgabc951@gmail.com please or send to me a link mediafire...
    The name of the file is apPasswd.

    If you can't, send to me an aeria point hack.


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