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Saturday, 14 May 2011

How to make money with Adf.ly

 Today there are many services which pays you to share your links.

You will need just a blog or some download links which people wants to download.There are many such service provider but Adf.ly is the best because of the payout rates.

Just register a account with adf.ly short your Urls asks your friends on facebook,twitter to click the shortened urls and when someone will click your links you will be paid for that.

Tips:You may promote your links using youtube.com

You may also cheat adf.ly by using some bots.If you need bots to cheat adf.ly then just register under my referral link http://adf.ly/?id=276280 whenever I will get a cheat or bots I will send it you.

My payment Proofs:


adf.ly - shorten links and earn money!


  1. hi boss can you guide me how did you add your another blog in scrolling type widget at the bottom plz comment here or mail me at danilion55@gmail.com

    1. yeah of course why not just join me here http://www.mydesiadda.in/forum/Forum-Any-Help-with-your-PC-or-Mobile and create a thread about your question and I will tell you whatever you want to know.


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